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About Us

Sigtech is an Embedded and IT service provider worldwide specialising in various application and firmware level design. We are a diverse end-to-end solutions provider, offering a range of expertise aimed at helping our customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

We help you transform imaginative ideas into intelligent leading products through continuous design, development, maintenance and testing services for device engineering, platform engineering and application engineering. Our agile smart process framework provides high quality, transparent and better control for strategic sourcing. This process framework is optimized and aligned to business needs in delivering best value for money.

Vision – Mission

Spirit Of Sigtech

The four-pillar value system that every employee  shares:

TRUST: Belief & Faith in each other is the platform for productive teamwork.

INTEGRITY: Honesty reaps rich rewards.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Every individual is encouraged to contribute to the world around him, through different channels.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: We understand that customer success is our greatest achievement and we converge our energies towards it.

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