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Technology Support/ Service

Support Service Contract with Sigtech provides you with the piece of mind that your developers will have our support team at their disposal when they need it most.

Having direct access to engineers who know the products and can understand and resolve your issue fast can help you keep your project on schedule, reduce frustration, and give you the opportunity to get your product to market sooner.

Converging technologies and more sophisticated customers mean devices must be more complex, while intense competition shrinks time-to-market and holds costs to razor-thin margins. To stay ahead in this demanding market, you need a reliable partner who delivers the support services you need, exactly when you need them.

Sigtech believes in providing the full range of services to its customers which is why we have included application support and maintenance services as one of our primary services in our basket of offerings.

While our applications are already robust to use and easy to install and maintain, we provide them along with an Annual Maintenance Contract which includes correct installation, debugging, trouble-shooting, FAQ, and help desk support for your product.

As new technologies evolve and operating systems keep changing, we offer application upgradation and migration to different platforms so that your business process keeps running smoothly and without a hitch. Version control is maintained by keeping in consideration all the bug fixes, improvements, enhancements and additional features that can only contribute towards the better performance of the software application.

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